How to Buy a Road Bike

It is a dream of many people to own a good road bike. So, what do you mean by a good road bike? It is a little hard to answer, as you will be surprised at how much things have changed in the past decades and how many choices are available when it comes to buying a road bike. Today, bikes have been designed to be more comfortable for the riders without sacrificing performance.

Why do you want to buy a road bike?

You may want to buy a road bike to use it for competitions or for a training program, you have to decide it because they are geared for different pursuits such as commuting, exercise, racing, camping, long charity rides and even riding dirt roads. Beginner Road Bikes: If you are a beginner to cycling and you are going to use a road bike to commute to work, or for fitness and fun, then you can choose a beginner road bike that is mostly in aluminium or steel construction. Intermediate Road Bikes: Although carbon fiber frames are more popular in this category, steel and aluminium frames are also used for mid-level road bikes. These bikes are suitable for the weekend warriors, who are regular sportive riders. Advanced Level Road Bikes: These bikes are usually made with carbon fiber frames and suits regular cyclists, who go in for races.

What types of materials are used to make road bikes?

Titanium: Bike frames made from titanium are extremely lightweight and offer a smooth ride, which is similar to the ride quality of a good, traditional steel frame. Steel: Steel is the most popular and traditional material for building bikes. They are known for their durability, strength and comfort. It is easy to fix dents and bends in a steel frame bike. Aluminium: Aluminium bikes have a reputation for having excellent power transfer and stiffness, as this material is extremely lightweight, stiff and harsh. Carbon Fiber: This is a very stiff, but lightweight material that can be manipulated into aerodynamic shapes and fine-tuned to increase the stiffness and strength of the bike. Whatever type of frame you choose let it be of good quality, as a stronger frame plays a major role in the life span of your road bike.


Wheels have a considerable impact on the ride feel of the bike. They weigh as much or more than the frame and they also account for rotating weight, which has a large effect on the ease of acceleration. A bike with light, but strong wheels is recommended.


You can buy road bikes from roughly $800 to well over $8,000. Some high end models are available for even $15,000 or more. You should realize that the type of the frame and the quality of the components used in making a bike determines its price. Lightweight bikes are costlier, so naturally carbon fiber frame bikes are costlier than steel and aluminium frame bikes. However, the top range of bikes is the titanium frame bikes, which weigh like air. Although these are quite unaffordable to the common man, he can fulfil all his requirements with an affordable road bike. It is hard to beat a road bike when it comes to speed, style and efficiency. Buy a road bike that you love and that you want to ride.